KWS-X: The new SAXS/WAXS Laboratory Beamline

The new SAXS-WAXS laboratory beamline. © MLZ

The new customized SAXS/WAXS instrument from XENOCS has been installed in the JCNS X-ray laboratory since the end of 2021.


As a young member of our small-angle scattering instruments using X-ray as the beam, the new instrument is equipped with a high flux metal-jet source and a moveable Eiger 2R4M SAXS detector. With an additional 4-axis motorized WAXS detector and Bonse-Hart USAXS, the scattering vector q can cover a wide area from 0.0002 to 7 Å-1. Compared to other instruments, it also comprises a large sample environment station that can be used with ambient pressure conditions. Many sample environmental accessories make it possible to perform experiments at temperatures from -150 °C to 1000 °C, under shear, tensile, etc.


The instrument is under commissioning and is expected to operate in Autumn 2022.

SAXS-WAXS laboratory beamline from the right.
Top view of the SAXS-WAXS laboratory beamline.
SAXS detector in the detector chamber.
SAXS and WAXS detector in the sample chamber.
Peltier stage in the sample chamber.
USAXS Analyzer moves out in sample chamber.
BIOSAXS robot autosampler.
SAXS-WAXS beamline in the laboratory.
Measurement in an open-air position.


Source: Baohu Wu (JCNS)

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