Video ứng dụng thực tế cho máy phân tích TERRA XRD

How Geologists at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia Use the TERRA® XRD Analyzer


Watch this video to learn how Dr. David Murphy, Earth Science Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, uses the Olympus TERRA X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzer.

Video Transcript

We’re using an analog material to replicate to weathering processes that we observed in the field when we went to Cedar Creek.

It’s for conceptual understanding of geological processes, but, in addition, it’s a classic lab work technique. And we’re also using a particular technique called X-ray diffraction, which is very commonly used in chemistry and geology.

So we’ve got this awesome opportunity that we’re using a state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction machine developed by Olympus. It’s actually based on the Mars Rover. We’re using the same technology that NASA is using for identifying minerals on Mars. It’s awesome that we’ve got this equipment from Olympus because it allows us to in-real-time analyze samples.

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