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Model: PG 8583 CD

Brand: MIELE

Origin: CHLB Đức

1. Overview Enables filtration, pre-heating, dearation, and precise dosing of media in the vessel within the dissolution bath 21 litre

Model: EZprep 123

Brand: FMS

Origin: USA

1. Overview The TurboTrace PFC SPE system is a fully automated sample preparation system for analyzing perfluorinated compounds in wastewater.

Model: Optional series

Brand: Yamato

Origin: Japan

Model: Speedwave Xpert

Brand: Berghof Products + Instrument GMBH

Origin: Germany

Model: EconoTrace

Brand: FMS

Origin: USA

<p>Model: <strong>Speedwave Entry</strong></p> <p>Brand: <strong>Berghof Products + Instrument GMBH</strong></p> <p>Origin: <strong>Germany</strong></p>

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